About Tom & Em

Photo by Addie Eshelman Photography

Heyyy and welcome to our About Page!

We are Tom & Emily, a newly wed freelance photo and video team living in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We love roaming the streets of our small town, drinking coffee, eating pizza, and making new friends.

We are so passionate about creating and we also realize we are capturing the really important stuff - we take that responsibility very seriously. We have experienced too many weddings where the photographer was hard to work with or the video guy was in his own world and it hindered the final product.

We got fed up.

This disconnect was tolerable, but we both agreed our clients deserve the best that we can give them. So we joined forces and became a photo AND video provider.

We are so excited for seamless wedding days and beautifully captured photo and video that we are proud to share with our couples and their future grand-babies.