March 23, 2020




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Hey all!

I’m back with another “Things I’m Grateful For” blog post – but this time things have changed. It’s not just Springtime now – its Corona Virus time. [cue eye roll]

By now I’m sure you’ve seen all of the news and read all of the articles and know what I’m talking about here. This virus has really shaken us up because it’s totally halted our planned shoot days and sessions.

While it’s super easy to be discouraged right now – especially if you’re the one rescheduling – we wanted to take a minute to stop and appreciate the things we are grateful for right now.

Things I’m Grateful For This Month;

  • Spring Flowers

I love flowers and greenery so much – obviously, it is a huge part of our photos and style. I just love seeing the spring flowers starting to peek through the ground and make their appearance. The anticipation of color is really making me giddy – especially right now!

  • Business Classes

There is always room to grow and learn as a business owner and photographer. I’m currently taking two different business classes from two large photographers. Both have very different teaching styles and personalities which I personally feel like is a really great way to learn.

  • Downtime

I don’t know about you guys but with shoots being rescheduled and not much to do right now, we’ve been left with a lot of downtimes. We’ve been spending our time watching movies, hanging out, and deep cleaning. It’s been nice to slow down even though we are still moving forward with business as usual. (We work from home with or without a virus lol).

  • Systems & Processes

I am locking in our systems and processes throughout our wedding experience. This is something that I’ve been doing on the side little by little, but with the off-time, I’ve been really able to deep dive and finalize everything. This is really giving me peace of mind that I’ll have a trusty system that I love in place to truly serve my clients to the best of my ability.

  • Guaranteed Income

This is a really scary time for small business owners all across the nation. We were very careful to plan our finances in a way that serves our family for the entire year and not just month to month. I’m also very grateful for Tom’s passion for film and commercial videography that has led him to work with CAP collective in Harrisburg. While he works part-time with me and on his own videos, he also works part-time for CAP and because of this, we do have some guaranteed income coming in during this time. We know that so many people are not as fortunate as we are and we feel very blessed.

All right – that’s all for now. I hope you’re staying at a safe distance away from others and washing your hands/all surfaces.






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