April 17, 2020




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How We’ll Be Spending Our Time During Covid-19

Whew! 😅 
Got almost all of the kitchen wallpaper off today. So far I’ve been spending the first half of the day doing emails and misc business things and the second half scraping wallpaper. Tom’s got a bit more work going on but we’ve got all month so we’re enjoying it and taking our time. We’re also cash flowing our projects so that’s helps with the taking our time part. ☺️ Now we’re on our way to get some dinner for the evening. It’s been a long time since we’ve had pizza and that’s a problem. 😂🍕(swipe for some cute puppy eyes)

I think we’ll work a little bit more tonight and rest some. Thank for all of the encouraging DMs from friends who’ve also had to scrape wallpaper. I’m starting to believe it’s worth it. 😅

Ready to get our hands dirty! ⁣
We are moving into the house next door, which happens to be my childhood home. ☺️⁣
It really hasn’t been changed much since I lived here as a kid - which says a lot because 23 years is a long time. Can’t wait to share our adventures and play fixer-upper for awhile. ⁣
Swipe for a wholesome family photo. ☺️

So I initially was going to post this back in March when I only thought we’d be quarantined for maybe 2 weeks tops. But alas, here we are a month later still twiddling our thumbs with what to do with our time. Well, there’s good news and bad news. If you are an essential worker than it’s business as usual – maybe even more intense. For those of us who are not working during this time, there is good news – you can do whatever you’d like. I know these times are uncertain and that can cause a lot of anxiety so don’t feel any pressure to be hyper-productive. Do what you want and what feels right to you.

With that said, I’ve found it most helpful to make my bed and keep a daily routine. This may be helpful if things are not going as you planned.

So here’s our list of how we’ll be spending our time during Covid-19 stay-at-home mandate.

  1. Rescheduling Weddings

    Yes, we’ve been and we have been rescheduling weddings. It has been keeping us super busy and we feel absolutely awful for those couples that are going through rescheduling. If you’re a #tecouple and looking to reschedule – check out this link.

  2. Making Masks

    Woohoo! I (Em) have been making masks to donate for our local “first responders” in our area and to sell. I’ve been trying to sew during my free time and make things! This keeps me happy and busy haha.

  3. Home renovations

    Yes! We’re working on home renovations right now. We live next to the house that we’re moving in to and it has been such a fun process. We have stripped paint, sanded, taken wallpaper off, etc. We’ll be working on our kitchen, moving our washer and dryer, and also putting a fence up in the yard for our pup. Our doggo needs to run free lol. Well… free within the confines of our yard.

  4. Business as usual

    We are still moving forward with a lot of business as usual

  5. Business Classes

    I (Em) am doing business classes right now. If you’re a photographer here are the classes I am taking:

    1. Hustle and Flow Online

    2. The Business Collection by Katelyn James Courses

    Both are really good. If you’re looking for an overview of the business – I’d go with H&F. If you’re interested in KJ’s workflow then go with hers. Honestly, though, it felt overpriced for what you get if you’ve been in business for a while.

So you can see – we are keeping ourselves pretty busy over here during this pandemic! What sort of things are you and your family doing during this time?


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