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Reasons I’m Grateful this Season | Winter


If you haven’t caught on yet, every season I like to do a post about the things I’m grateful for in this season. Honestly, the winter season is a lot harder for me to recognize the good things. I always become un-motivated and sluggish during the winter months (thank you Vitamin D deficiency). So I have to make a serious effort to get my sh*t together. lol.

This month I am grateful for:

  • My dog, Copeland

Copeland is going through a MAJOR teenager-phase where he’s barking a lot and just generally misbehaving. Wait, why am I grateful? Well because it means he needs a lot of correction and training time, which I have to give him right now.

  • Thomas, of course

So grateful for my hubby who snuggles with me on the couch and watches Love Island and other trash tv with me. Lol yes, this is what we do in the evenings after work.

  • Matching PJs & Christmas Spirit

It was so much fun decorating for Christmas this year! We bought a tree, got ornaments, hung up lights around our house while sipping hot chocolate. It was so lovely and I surely hope it turns into a new Christmas tradition.

  • My Church Family

Tom and I have reconnected with some of our old church friends from growing up when we moved back to this area and it’s been so refreshing to do life with these families. We have dinner together and talk about life and I just love it so much.

  • The Journey

Life has it’s ups and downs and I’m thankful for the journey. I’m still trying to figure everything else for life and how to make things work and how to effectively run a business etc. If I had all of the money in the world you know I would hire 10 coaches to get me through all of my cloudy brain. Lol

  • Planners

Is this a weird one? I love planners and organization and feeling organized and everything in that realm. I found my favorite planner that I abandoned a few months ago and am scheduling out my days again. I love a good plan and this has been so refreshing for me!

  • Pretty Snow

Important to recognize this does not include the dirty ugly snow in the parking lots that have been plowed into large piles that will sit there and never melt. I hate those. I’m talking about large flakes and soft snow falling on the ground. Just a hint of it sticking on the ground and the quiet air all around. Oof I love a PA snowfall.

What are you grateful for this season?


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