April 28, 2021


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Reasons I’m Grateful this Season | Spring

I’m going to be honest, and maybe I’ve said this before, spring is my least favorite season. I’m sorry spring lovers but I’m over the weird weather changing from freezing to hot in a matter of hours and all of the trees looking dead and sad. I need growth, new life, fresh blooms, and warm weather. I am so looking forward to Summer but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to be grateful for!

What I’m Grateful For Spring 2021

  • Opportunities

Okay, this one feels a little ominous but we’ve been having some amazing opportunities to collaborate with other incredible vendors this season and I’m so excited to see where these opportunities and friendships take us! Our business is going really well and we’re headed toward bigger and more exciting projects. We are excited and grateful that the seeds we planted two years ago are finally starting to sprout!

  • Gardening

This has nothing to do with business, but I’m so grateful to be planting new plants and gardening again! I planted a little before mothers day so I’m hoping there is no issue with frost this year!

  • Hustle & Bussle

I’m so grateful to be busy! I feel like we spent such a long time in quarantine and waiting to get back to work and it’s finally happening!! We’re constantly checking our calendar for meetings, scheduling engagement sessions, and refining all the timelines! Honestly, the best part is being able to chat with our couples on a more regular basis!

  • Future Travel Plans

We’re almost fully vaccinated and ready to travel again! We’re so excited that we’ve paid off our debt and have the opportunity to have some fun!

  • Close Friends

Our close friends are vaccinated and have moved closer to our area and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled about it. It is so nice having friends nearby that we’re able to hang out with. I finally see the hope of things going back to normal.

  • Dresses

With the weather warmer, I’ve already started switching out my seasonal clothes from sweaters to dresses.

  • Green Grass

Our grass is green again!! I’m so happy we have green grass again. It’s so nice to be able to just walk outside and feel like you’re walking on carpet. 😂 This one is so very random but hey, it’s the little things.

What are some things you’re grateful for this season?

Chat soon!



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